quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

Easy Paper Cut Silhouette Card - Dia dos namorados

Inspired from all the "paper cut outs" I've seen lately, I decided to make one into a Valentines card. I figured out an easy way to turn ones photo into a silhouette cut out. The possibilities with this technique are endless. Directions below.

Cut a person out of a photo. Trace the person onto card stock with pencil lightly. *The heavier the card stock the better.

With an x-acto knife cut out the shape of the person. Keep all the little bumps and lumps (don't try to smooth them out) , that's what makes the silhouette more realistic. After, erase the pencil mark.

When you get to the feet, you'll have to decide where to stop cutting(refer to picture). Fold the image up. Done


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  1. Oi! Gostei do teu jeito despojado de falar sobre as coisas... Já tô te seguindo!
    beijo, felicidades.


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